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Post by Michael456 15 Sep 2018 23:06 I have a vintage Sony Separates HiFi System and I want to integrate it into a new Entertainment system I am building. The components of the Sony are as follows P2-T22 Turntable TA-242 Amp ST-242lL Tuner

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I want to print labels with different data for each label based on the user interaction with Word, i.e. Row 1 Col 1 "Bob12", Row1 Col 2 "George123", Row 2 Col 3 "Michael456". I have tried using the following code. However it prints out the info on separate documents.

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Michael456. 08/07/2008. Provided by Citysearch – Overall. Not Your Typical Acupuncture Experience. Wow! This is not a typical acupuncture office at all. The atmosphere is more like an upscale spa. The lights are dimmed, there is plenty of comfortable seating, a rock waterfall, complementary.

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Michael A. Kemmer. Coffee scholar. Alcohol aficionado. Food junkie. Web lover. Lifelong bacon ninja. Thinker. Certified beer nerd. Cine Gallerys – Celebrities.

Ullapool Village Hall. At the heart of Ullapool Village and Community.

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my inital off the cuff answer would be find a lackey. basically a user that owes you a favor or sum such and make them type in the information after you delete the item and re-add it. doing grunt work like that is what employees are good for. or for the son/daughter on the take your child to work day.